Joy Freeman

Book Production and Editorial Services

Some favorite things online:

For folklore and storytelling resources,
check out the catalog of books and audiobooks at

Storytellers and authors (and friends):
Beauty and the Beast, Jane Yolen
Margaret Read MacDonald, Donald Davis
W.C. Jameson, Bil Lepp
David Holt, Bill Harley

Interested in speculative fiction? Reading it, writing it, or speculating about it?
SFF Net , ,
Baen Books, Webscriptions (e-books), Baen Free Library

My favorite blog: Making Light

The Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus is a most wondrous experience,
a spatial map of words and their interconnectedness.

Miscellaneous: Merriam-Webster, EFA Rates
Copyeditors' resources, Self-publishers' resources

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