Joy Freeman

Book Production and Editorial Services

A Brief Bio
(some things I love)

(1969: Hot Springs, Arkansas)
I blame my mother.
My father read to me, but it was Mom who taught me to read.
When I was just a toddler, she taped to familiar household
objects (doors, chairs, even the cat) small slips of paper
on which she'd printed words for each object.*
I haven't stopped reading since.

(1979: Hot Springs, Arkansas)
But Dad has a share of the blame, too.
When I was in eighth grade, computing courses were not
yet part of the school curriculum, but a classmate's father
offered to teach a private after-school BASIC programming
class just for my science teacher and a few students. I was
invited to participate. After each session, I came home and
told Dad what I'd learned. He was so fascinated that within
weeks he'd found a way to scrape up the money to
buy our own TRS-80 computer.

(1989: Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Psychology degree notwithstanding,
I really enjoyed that first year of waiting tables.
But soon the enjoyment dimmed, and I considered my options.
I loved designing flyers for my friends' bands and laying out the
fanzine I co-published, so a designer I knew suggested I get a job
at Kinko's and get paid while I decided whether I wanted to
pursue graphic design. I landed the job and promptly
fell in love with it (and with the Macintosh).

(1999: Little Rock, Arkansas)
After a decade of increasingly advanced design and production,
I'd gotten bored. Sure, I loved Fayetteville, enjoyed my
co-workers at my ad agency job, had a great boss, and
got to work on some fun projects, but other than
a portfolio of immediately-outdated ads,
what did I really have to show for it?

Then I heard of the perfect job opening:
production editor at a publishing company
in Little Rock. It was an opportunity to make
books (books!) that somebody might read for years
to come, and my new boss would teach me copyediting.
It was almost as if I'd been training for this job all my life.

(2004: Atlanta, Georgia)
In the end, of course, I've only myself to blame. :-)
In 2002, I moved to Atlanta and got married. Having just left the best job
I'd ever had, I decided to venture out on my own. My freelancing business has
allowed me to work on a broad variety of subject matter, and I've been able to work
with large and small publishing companies as well as with self-publishing authors.
After our daughter (first and only child) was born, I was able to keep
working, though I did cut down my hours for a few months.

(now, 2008: Little Rock, Arkansas)
My freelance business continues to be a great fit for our family.
When we moved back to Arkansas in 2005, I didn't have to leave my job;
I brought it with me. My flexible work schedule has given both me and my
husband (who is very supportive and, not-so-coincidentally, a book-loving
computer professional) more time with our daughter. That's really important,
because we've been able to share with her our love of words and books
(she was reading chapter books before she started Kindergarten).
Now she's starting to explore computers . . . :-)

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